Investing in our Future

Nova Scotia has always been a place rich in culture and heritage. Participate in one of the many artistic events in our communities and see our creativity shine. Walk into a store and purchase the inspiring works of a local artist. Go online and download the latest hit from musicians who got their start here. It's easy to feel pride in where we live when we see our stories expressed to the world.

Our culture and heritage contribute much to our quality of life. They enrich our communities and benefit our economy. By investing in these sectors, we realize their tremendous value for Nova Scotians. According to the 2010 Culture Satellite Account figures, arts, culture and heritage contribute about $868 million to Nova Scotia's economy, and more than 14,000 jobs across the province.

A variety of funding programs, grants and awards are available for individuals and organizations in Nova Scotia. They are an important part of sustaining and growing our culture and heritage sectors. By investing in innovation, creativity and arts, these programs help industries succeed, create jobs, support artists and enhance our communities.

Canada 150

As we approach the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation in 2017, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage encourages the culture community to take the lead in helping Nova Scotians celebrate this significant milestone. 

We encourage your organization to consider how you can include Canada’s 150 celebrations within the scope of your cultural activity. We are calling all Nova Scotians actively involved in our creative and heritage communities, those who participate in recreational cultural activity, and those who express identity, equality and diversity through culture.  When planning your work for 2017, consider how you can recognize Nova Scotia’s connection to Canada’s 150th in your application to our programs.

Our department is asking the cultural community in Nova Scotia to share its capacity and talent in making our country’s 150 celebrations meaningful, momentous and magical.  The 150 forward fund provides opportunities for Nova Scotians to create, promote and participate in local and regional events and programs that will build a sense of pride in Nova Scotia during the celebration of Canada’s 150 anniversary of confederation


Creative Industries Fund

Culture Innovation Fund

The Culture Innovation Fund supports initiatives and projects that use culture in new and better ways to create social or economic value. The fund supports partnerships and collaborations that use the full range of our broad and diverse culture to address social issues and opportunities in communities. The fund also helps strengthen the role of museums and libraries.

Visit the Culture Innovation Fund program page for more information.



Creative Industries Fund

Creative Industries Funding

Creative Industries Funding will help develop and grow creative industries, especially those focused on export markets. It will be available to for-profit businesses, not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises operating in the creative industries, including music, publishing, film, craft, visual arts, performing arts, and design fields. For more information, contact Mickey Quase 902-424-3701 or Susan Jeffries 902.424.2873

Visit the Creative Industries Fund program page for more information.

Visit the Screenwriters Development Fund program for more information.


Major Event Hosting

If you are hosting a major event, on a scale such as the Canadian Country Music Awards or Canadian Seniors Curling Championships, please chat with our staff about opportunities in Nova Scotia. Contact Neal Alderson at 902-424-6010 or email



Strategic Funding Initiative program

Strategic Funding Initiative program

The Strategic Funding Initiative program provides one-time funding to projects that are significant to communities. These apply to cultural, heritage, sport and community-based initiatives. For more information, contact Christopher Shore, 902-424-4008,



Festival and Event Program

Each year Nova Scotia hosts dozens of festivals and events. These festival and events help build stronger communities and attract visitors to all regions of our province. As part of this program the province makes funding available to support initiatives related to Festivals and Events. For more information contact  Angela Dennison at 902-424-3876 or


Sport and Recreation Funding Programs

Sport and Recreation leads government efforts and collaborates with communities to improve the quality of life of Nova Scotians through sport and recreation. It supports the sector to develop an effective and integrated system of high quality opportunities and supports for Nova Scotians to live actively. 

Community Recreation Capital Grant

Recreation Facility Development

Gender Equity Capacity Building Support Fund

Planning Assistance Program

Provincial Recreation/Physical Activity Project Funding

Community Development Grant

Sport Hosting

Trail Maintenance Program

Community Trails Leadership Fund

Engineering Assistance Grant Program


Thumbail image depicting Community Funding

Community Funding and Awards

Developing partnerships, creating jobs and fostering sustainability contribute to a community’s health, well-being and social prosperity. To support these activities, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage offers funding opportunities that help communities enhance assets such as facilities, public places and programs.

Small Business ACCESS-Ability Grant Program

Community ACCESS-Ability Program

Community Spirit Award

Community Facilities Improvement Program

Diversity and Community Capacity Fund

Legion Capital Assistance Program

Building Vibrant Communities Grant


Thumbail image depicting Culture Funding

Culture Funding and Awards

Artists and cultural communities contribute to quality of life in Nova Scotia. Recognizing the importance of this role, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage offers peer adjudicated funding opportunities in support of artistic works and cultural projects.

Community Arts and Culture Recognition Award

Cultural and Youth Activities Program

Established Artist Recognition Awards

One-time Emerging Culture and Heritage Initiatives Program

Operating Assistance to Cultural Organizations

View the Gaelic Language in the Community Program website for more information.

Mi'kmaq Cultural Activities Program


Thumbail image depicting Heritage Funding

Heritage Funding

Throughout this province, there are objects, buildings, places and stories that connect us to the past. Recognizing the importance of preserving and sharing these vital heritage links, the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage provides funding opportunities to support the collection, preservation and interpretation of historic assets.

Community Museum Assistance Program

Heritage Development Fund (Heritage Property)

One-time Emerging Culture and Heritage Initiatives Program

Strategic Development Initiative

View the Nova Scotia Museum Research Grants Program website for more information.

View the Provincial Archival Development Program website for more information.


Thumbail image depicting Support4Culture


Support4Culture is a collection of programs that support arts, culture, and heritage in communities across Nova Scotia. Funds are raised through the sale of designated ticket lottery products via the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation, and the programs are managed by the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and Arts Nova Scotia.


Thumbail image depicting Arts Nova Scotia

Arts Nova Scotia

Investment opportunities through grants, funding programs and awards are available from Arts Nova Scotia, the provincial funding agency that provides support to professional artists, arts organizations, arts education programs, and a number of arts awards and prizes. Governed by an 11 member board of directors, Arts Nova Scotia is an arm's length agency of the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage.


Thumbail image depicting Community Access Program (C@P)

Community Access Program (C@P)

The CAP site network offers significant potential to help boost innovation and productivity in rural Nova Scotia. There are currently over 200 CAP locations across the province, each with ties to local business support agencies, such as Chambers of Commerce and Canada/Nova Scotia Business Development Centres. CAP sites offer space, technology and high-speed broadband connectivity, as well as local trainers and technology mentors.