Trail Funding Programs

Community Trails Leadership Fund

This program supports trail development through the provision of funds for:

  • Leaders, organizational development
  • Capacity building for community trail groups

Program guidelines (PDF)


Engineering Assistance Grant Program

This program is designed to provide trail builders and managers with funding for professional engineering expertise. This could include planning and design work of bridges or other large structures.

Program guidelines (PDF)


Trail Expansion Grant Program

Government is expanding trail access across the province to help promote healthier communities, improve infrastructure and foster economic growth. The Recreational Trail Expansion Grant program supports community groups, municipalities and ‘not-for- profit’ organizations to develop new trails, expand recreational trails, and do capital upgrades to existing trails. The program provides one-third of the total capital cost of a project, up to a maximum of $150,000.

Program guidelines (PDF)

2022-2023 Trail expansion grant recipients (PDF)


Trail Maintenance Program

The program provides funding to community trail groups who are involved in regular and on-going maintenance on their trails, as well as emergency funding for major maintenance issues due to fire and weather related events.

Program guidelines (PDF)