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Inside the Department

Nova Scotia’s culture and heritage contribute to vibrant communities and enrich the quality of life in every part of the province. The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage invites Nova Scotians to experience and participate in our rich cultural expression.

By exploring our past we appreciate where we came from. This enriches our lives today and gives us insight for times ahead. Through investing in our future, we help realize the potential of our people and talents. We foster an environment that embraces ideas and innovation. Jobs are generated and our creative economy flourishes. Encouraging cultural expression brings life to our communities. We each contribute to the province we call home through distinct perspectives and traditions. Together, our diversity defines the uniqueness of Nova Scotia.


Thumbail image depicting the departmental mandateMandate

The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage is responsible for contributing to the well-being and prosperity of Nova Scotia's diverse and creative communities through the promotion, development, preservation and celebration of our culture, heritage, identity and languages, and; by providing leadership, expertise and innovation to our stakeholders.



A Province which enhances pride in our creative and diverse communities and people, allowing us to embrace our past and influence our future.



The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage supports our internal and external stakeholders and communities with best practice services, programs and policies that preserve and provide access to Nova Scotia's life-long learning, culture, heritage, identity and languages.


Statement of Mandate

Nova Scotia's diverse culture and history contributes to vibrant communities that make life better for families in every part of the province.