Getting a Site Designated as a Protected Site

Special Places

Getting a Site Designated as a Protected Site

There are currently six protected sites in Nova Scotia: Joggins Fossil Cliffs; Parrsboro Fossil Site; Debert Palaeo-Indian Site; Fletcher Lock (Shubenacadie Canal); Port Morien Old French Coal Mine; and, Belleisle.

There is tremendous opportunity to add other outstanding heritage sites. If you are interested in having a site designated under the Special Places Protection Act, follow these steps:

1.Identify a group of local residents or other stakeholders interested in protecting, managing or developing an outstanding heritage resource. This could include landowners, development groups, scientists and historians.

2.Contact the Special Places office at the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. Staff will work with your group to complete the work needed to get the protected site designation to Cabinet for approval.



By preserving and promoting our natural and cultural heritage we ensure it remains a vital part of Nova Scotia, enriching citizens and society