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Heritage Property

Our Built Heritage

We value Nova Scotia’s rich history. You can see it in any community in our province. The century-old buildings that proudly stand today are examples. So too, is the pride of the people who maintain them.

The term built heritage conjures up images of historic homes, churches or streetscapes with period buildings. It also includes other important places such as farm buildings, cemeteries, industrial structures, heritage conservation districts and cultural landscapes. Interiors of public buildings are part of our built heritage as well. Think of the amazing architectural features you might see, or the design details that are part of the décor.

When we consider the richness and breadth of our built heritage, the opportunity to preserve it is compelling. With the pride we share as our inspiration, we can ensure our past will remain a vibrant part of our future.

The Heritage Property Program

The Government of Nova Scotia helps identify, protect and rehabilitate built heritage throughout the province. The Heritage Property Program was created to assist Nova Scotians and to conserve our valuable heritage. It is an outcome of the Heritage Property Act.

Heritage Property Program staff support the administration of the Act, coordinate provincial heritage registrations, advise on the conservation of registered heritage properties, administer the grants offered to owners of registered heritage properties, and support municipal heritage property programs.


Why is heritage registration important?

How do I know if a property qualifies for heritage registration?

What are the different types of heritage registration?

How do I register a property?

What kind of financial support can I receive to conserve my registered heritage property?

How do I properly conserve or alter a registered heritage property?

Where can I find properties registered under the Heritage Property Act?



Heritage is that which society inherits from previous generations and deems worthy of taking special measures to preserve for future generations