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Culture Action Plan Seeking Public Input

Culture Action Plan Seeking Public Input

Culture reflects who a group of people are: what we value, what we create, and what we keep for the future. Culture enhances individual lives, nurtures communities, and in Nova Scotia, brings real, significant value to the economy.

The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage has been working to develop a provincial Culture Action Plan. For the past few months, organizations and individuals active in the culture community have been telling us about the important pieces of culture in Nova Scotia and about the challenges, opportunities and priorities of working in, preserving and celebrating our culture.

Now we need to hear from Nova Scotians.  Please share your thoughts on culture, what it means to you and how your involvement with culture and cultural activities can be supported.  Please take a few minutes and complete our anonymous online survey in English or French and join in the Culture Conversations.

The plan will define culture very broadly. Culture includes archives, libraries, arts, natural heritage, cultural identities, architecture, languages, museums, diversity, creative industries and much more. In fact, it spans the breadth of the work of this and other provincial government departments, as well as federal and municipal levels of government.

All of the input and feedback will be synthesized into a final report that will help us create Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan. The final document should outline the value and importance of Nova Scotia’s culture and lay out concrete actions for the growth and continued development of our distinct culture.

For more information on how you can get involved, contact or follow the conversation on Twitter, @NS_CCH or on Facebook at Nova Scotia Government.