Business Access-Ability Grant Recipients 2020-2021

Recipient Community Project Type Grant
3295873 NS Ltd. (Finney/Dickson Properties) North Sydney auto door & opener, lighting, exterior ramp, accessible washroom and visual fire alarm $17,424
3328779 Ltd (CA Firm) West Pubnico Accessible ramp $2,679
Access Changes Everything Dartmouth Digital accessibility survey, guide and presentations $57,275
Factory 58 Holdings Inc Truro Lift Installation $36,960
Good Robot Brewing Company Halifax Accessibility upgrades - automated doors $4,017
Hookem & Cookem (Six Lobster Ltd.) Halifax Accessible washroom, ramp and doorways $50,000
MashUp Labs - Bridgewater Bridgewater Accessible upgrades and reconfiguration of space $26,067
Mielle Chanel (Honey Bee Ice Cream) Dayton Accessible parking, washrooms, and ramps $3,660
Old Warehouse Café & Lounge Amherst entrance ramp, automatic doors, accessible washroom upgrades $15,333
Sweenys Funeral Home Yarmouth Elevator install $41,023
The Swimwear Hut New Minas Lift Install $29,967
Truro Massage Therapy Clinic Ltd. Truro Heights Paving for Parking and Accessibility $4,303
Bear River Wellness Centre Bear River Accessible leasehold improvements $8,227
Maritime Muslim Academy Halifax Ramp and chair rail $20,000
Highland Hearing Clinic Ltd Antigonish Accessible website and point of sale system $5,867
Sydney Fresh Casual Restaurants (Swiss Chalet) Sydney Accessible Renovations $50,000
PF&M Holdings Halifax Lift install $38,883
Pavia Herring Cove Improvements to Built Environment $24,060
CLA Holdings Shelburne Washroom install, auto door opener $5,508
Heritage Islands (Maregold) Victoria Beach Accessible rental cabin $25,000
M.B. Sluice Properties Ltd. (Carl's Store) Tusket Building entry way and washroom improvements $21,839
TOTAL: $488,091